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Rice must be totally washed. A great way to do that is to place it right into a colander, in a deep pan of water. Rub the rice effectively with the arms, lifting the colander out and in the water, and altering the water till it’s clear; then drain. On this manner the grit is deposited within the water, and the rice left totally clear.

The perfect technique of cooking rice is by steaming it. If boiled in a lot water, it loses a portion of its already small share of nitrogenous components. It requires a lot much less time for cooking than any of the opposite grains. Like all of the dried grains and seeds, rice swells in cooking to a number of instances its authentic bulk. When cooked, every grain of rice ought to be separate and distinct, but completely tender.

Steamed rice.

Soak a cup of rice in a single and a fourth cups of water for an hour, then add a cup of milk, flip right into a dish appropriate for serving it from at desk, and place in a steam-cooker or a lined steamer over a kettle of boiling water, and steam for an hour. It ought to be stirred with a fork sometimes, for the primary ten or fifteen minutes.

Boiled rice (japanese technique).

Completely cleanse the rice by washing in a number of waters, and soak it in a single day. Within the morning, drain it, and put to prepare dinner in an equal amount of boiling water, that’s, a pint of water for a pint of rice. For cooking, a stewpan with tightly becoming cowl ought to be used. Warmth the water to boiling, then add the rice, and after stirring, placed on the duvet, which isn’t once more to be eliminated throughout the boiling. At first, because the water boils, steam will puff out freely from beneath the duvet, however when the water has practically evaporated, which shall be in eight to 10 minutes, based on the age and high quality of the rice, solely a faint suggestion of steam shall be noticed, and the stewpan should then be faraway from over the hearth to some place on the vary, the place it won’t burn, to swell and dry for fifteen or twenty minutes.

Rice to be boiled within the unusual method requires two quarts of boiling water to 1 cupful of rice. It ought to be boiled quickly till tender, then drained directly, and set in a average oven to turn out to be dry. Choosing and lifting frivolously sometimes with a fork will make it extra flaky and dry. Care have to be taken, nonetheless, to not mash the rice grains.

Rice with fig sauce.

Steam a cupful of finest rice as directed above, and when accomplished, serve with a fig sauce. Dish a spoonful of the fig sauce with every saucer of rice, and serve with loads of cream. Rice served on this manner requires no sugar for dressing, and is a most healthful breakfast dish.

Orange rice.

Wash and steam the rice. Put together some oranges by separating into sections and slicing every part in halves, eradicating the seeds and all of the white portion. Sprinkle the oranges frivolously with sugar, and allow them to stand whereas the rice is cooking. Serve a portion of the orange on every saucerful of rice.

Rice with raisins.

Fastidiously wash a cupful of rice, soak it, and prepare dinner as directed for Steamed Rice. After the rice has started to swell, however earlier than it has softened, stir into it frivolously, utilizing a fork for the aim, a cupful of raisins. Serve with cream.

Rice with peaches.

Steam the rice and when accomplished, serve with cream and a properly ripened peach pared and sliced on every particular person dish.

Browned rice.

Unfold a cupful of rice on a shallow baking tin, and put right into a reasonably sizzling oven to brown. It would should be stirred steadily to stop burning and to safe a uniformity of colour. Every rice kernel, when sufficiently browned, ought to be of a yellowish brown, concerning the colour of ripened wheat. Steam the identical as directed for unusual rice, utilizing solely two cups of water for every cup of browned rice, and omitting the preliminary soaking. When correctly cooked, every kernel shall be separated, dry, and mealy. Rice ready on this method is undoubtedly extra digestible than when cooked with out browning.

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